After united front through union, Kettle Moraine administrators back off attempt to have biased official hear teacher’s case

Decision to appoint new official comes only after longtime teacher files suit

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

A longtime Kettle Moraine teacher has won in her efforts to remove a biased official from hearing a case brought against her, thanks to swift action and support from her union.

Tammy Johnson, a teacher for over 30 years, was forced to file a lawsuit to bar a biased official from hearing her case after her district’s superintendent and attorney refused to remove him, even after it was revealed the official, Mark Kapocius, had made extreme statements showing he could not be impartial.

Johnson initially brought her objections about the biased hearing officer to district administrators, but they refused to remove him. She was forced to file a suit so the law calling for a grievance process that includes a hearing before an ‘impartial hearing officer’ was upheld.

The day before a hearing on Johnson’s request to remove the biased officer, district administrators backed off and agreed to select a different hearing officer. Attorneys for Johnson have adjourned her motion to remove the official, and intend to eventually dismiss the suit, since the matter was ultimately resolved in Johnson’s favor.

Johnson received support in her effort to remove Kapocius from the case through her local association, WEAC Region 7, and WEAC’s state office.

Johnson, who has excellent evaluations and is a National Board Certified Teacher, is facing discipline directly related to her role in the United Lakewood Educators-Kettle Moraine Chapter. The suit has nothing to do with her work with students, for which she has received the VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award and the American Civic Education Teacher Award.