Milwaukee’s Heidi Reid is a ‘Top Teacher’

Milwaukee Public Schools speech pathologist Heidi Reid – a Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association and WEAC member – is WISN TV’s March Top Teacher.

In a WISN video honoring Heidi, who works at Humboldt Park Elementary School, she says her most exciting moments are seeing children make progress.

“Some children might have difficulty talking. Some children might have difficulty with how others understand them. And we work on both of those, or the understanding of language: following directions, asking questions, things like that,” she says.

“Watching them progress, especially with their speech and language skills is really exciting, to see them come from hardly talking at all to talking a lot is really exciting, and to see their parents be happy with their progress and be able to understand them, really inspires┬áme.

“When I see a child be able to do something I knew they weren’t able to do, even last week, that is my best day, whether it is a sound we are working on that they didn’t get, and we’ve been working on it and working on it and all of a sudden they’ve got it, that is my best day.” (Note: Heidi’s last name is misspelled in the WISN video.)

Watch the WISN report: