WISELearn is online

From the Department of Public Instruction ConnectEd newsletter

The beginnings of WISELearn, the DPI’s emerging education portal for Wisconsin educators, are now available online.

Many educators may wonder what makes this particular education website special. Like Mr. B, the animated character in the site’s introductory video, they might ask, “What’s the difference between this online portal and the rest of the internet?”

WISELearn’s goal is to give Wisconsin educators a place to find, submit, approve, and rate lesson ideas and other online resources, then share and discuss ways to use them with their professional learning communities around the state.

The site is now available for educators to test out and provide feedback for the department’s continuous improvement prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year.

It consists of three components:

  • WISELearn Resources – a repository of instructional materials;
  • WISELearn Social Networks – centralized social media links, to help educators form professional learning communities; and
  • WISELearn Professional Development – a menu of current DPI professional development materials and event calendars.

WISELearn already contains around 5,000 different resources, searchable by grade level, subject area, or media type. One of the largest collections is from the Wisconsin Educator Curation Project, being built thanks to the contributions of members of the PK-12 community around the state over recent months.

Licensed content from BadgerLink is also folded into the repository, as are submissions from Apps4Ed, the University of Wisconsin’s Field Day Lab, and a collection ported over from a similar project in North Carolina.

Wisconsin educators can get involved by visiting the website and requesting an account on WISELearn Resources, the online repository.

The department hopes to see an increasing number of Wisconsin teachers and educators submitting and eventually approving resources, and also hopes to work more proactively with educators on the sharing and discussion aspects of the work.