WEAC recommends Lynn Utesch in Assembly District 1

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) recommends Lynn Utesch for state representative in Assembly District 1.

“Lynn Utesch believes every child should have the same opportunity for success, no matter where they live or what their family circumstances,” said Ron Martin, an Eau Claire eighth grade teacher and WEAC president. “He shares the values of public school educators.”

“Lynn Utesch is a veteran and farmer who knows how important rural schools are to their communities. He will base his decisions in the State Assembly on what is best for students,” Martin said. “He will work with educators and residents to support local public schools.”

Lynn Utesch stated, “The primary goal of a good education is to create an educated electorate that will preserve and strengthen our democracy. Good schooling and educators are the backbone of the future of our communities and our state, and should be recognized and treated as such.”

In making their recommendations for the state Legislature, WEAC members focused on areas including support for public schools, giving employees a voice in school decisions and professional respect for the role educators have in keeping our communities strong.

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