Wisconsin students have one of the highest levels of student debt in the nation

Young asian college student hold a sign of student loan

A new series by the USA Today Network-Wisconsin explores the causes and problems related to heavy student loan debt in Wisconsin, where seventy percent of college graduates leave with debt, “making students here the third most likely in the country to have debt.” On average, each debtor graduates about $29,000 in the red — more than ever before, the report says.

The NEA and WEAC are committed to addressing the problem of student debt, which strongly impacts our members as well as future educators. Below is a link to the first in a series of articles on the topic by the USA Today Network-Wisconsin. You can also find more information on this important topic HERE.

Student debt in Wisconsin among nation’s worst

Lamonté Moore’s college story starts when he was growing up in the ’90s just a few blocks from 53206, a Milwaukee zip code that was the subject of a documentary for its extreme rates of poverty and incarceration.