She stood up for the safety of her students. Her union stood with her.

Every day, educators do our best to inspire and motivate our students. Our union is there every step of the way with encouragement and support. Our union is also there when the unexpected happens, to provide expertise and help educators navigate even the most complicated circumstances. Here’s one member’s letter to her union, after she was unfairly targeted by her administration because she intervened to break up a fight between students:

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help last year. I just wanted you to know that my saga ended very happily and it is in part thanks to you all. I will continue to be an excellent educator that looks out for the safety and academic welfare of my students. I love teaching and am now in a district that is making decisions that positively impact kids. Your support and backing gave me the courage to choose a better option for me.

Thanks for all you do!  It makes a big difference in the lives of educators and students.

P.S.  I immediately joined the local association at my new school.