WEAC recommends Senator Jennifer Shilling in 32nd District

Wisconsin students need legislators who stand up for their public schools, teachers say

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) proudly recommends Senator Jennifer Shilling for reelection in the 32nd Senate District in western Wisconsin.

“Jennifer Shilling believes every child should have the same opportunity for success, no matter where they live or what their family circumstances,” said Ron Martin, an Eau Claire eighth grade teacher and WEAC president. “She shares the values of public school educators.”

Senator Shilling has supported legislation to strengthen Wisconsin public schools throughout her term of office, benefiting communities.

“Senator Shilling has been a constant voice against the crippling state cuts to our public schools and their impact on students,” Martin said. “She is also advancing solutions for student loan debt, something that is keeping many promising young people from entering or staying in the teaching profession. She will work with educators and other residents to support local public schools.”

The 32nd State Senate District includes La Crosse, Vernon, Crawford, and part of Monroe Counties.

In making their recommendations for the state Legislature, WEAC members focused on areas including support for public schools, giving employees a voice in school decisions and professional respect for the role educators have in keeping our communities strong.