Millennials are taking over: What are they like, and what do they want?

According to the Gallup organization, few of the nation’s superintendents feel confident about their school districts’ preparedness for the entrance of millennials into the workplace.

“Millennials are not just changing the world of work for the future — they are rapidly becoming the majority in today’s workplace,” according to the Gallup report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live. “School leaders need to better understand these changes and effectively lead teams of all generations in an effort to create great places to work for employees and great places to learn for students.”

Gallup provides these key points of What Millennials Want in the Workplace:


  • Purpose: Rather than seeing work solely as a way to make financial ends meet, millennials seek meaningful work that provides them with a sense of purpose.
  • Development: In recent years, employers have tried to satisfy employees with a variety of perks, from on-site dry cleaning to rock-climbing walls. The workplace of the future is moving away from these attempts to simply satisfy employees and instead prioritizes opportunities for employees to learn and grow and develop their full potential.
  • Coach: Workplaces of the past were led by bosses who often used command and control as attempts to motivate employees. The future will have teams led by coaches who guide and partner with employees to achieve goals.
  • Ongoing Conversations: Annual performance reviews are no longer sufficient; the workplace of the future will involve real-time and continuous communication and feedback.
  • Strengths: The traditional approach of fixing what’s wrong with people will be replaced with a focus on developing what’s right with people — building on their strengths.
  • Life: Gallup has discovered that what the world wants is a good job. The workplace of the future will be made up of employees who are seeking to align their identities and lifestyles with organizations that help them maximize their contribution and thrive in their overall lives.

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