Why are teachers calling it quits?

Sergio Gonzalez (LinkedIn photo)

Sergio Gonzalez (LinkedIn photo)

For some, it’s the pay. For others it’s the over-emphasis on testing and the inability to focus on true learning. But a common thread among those who leave the teaching profession is they feel disrespected and find that teaching has become a burden rather than a joy.

NPR this week notes that 8 percent of teachers quit every year and quotes the Learning Policy Institute saying the teaching force is “a leaky bucket, losing hundreds of thousands of teachers each year — the majority of them before retirement age.”

In an article titled “What are the main reasons teachers call it quits?” NPR covers the gamut, but the bottom line is that those teachers who quit are typically disillusioned by the over-emphasis on test results, the intrusion of politics into their classrooms, low pay, inadequate resources, and the general lack of respect and support they receive as professionals.

The article quotes former teachers from Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Sergio Gonzalez, who taught in Madison’s first dual-language program before leaving the profession, said his job was rewarding but draining.

Yet he says he didn’t even consider another career until Governor Scott Walker pushed through Act 10, which stripped educators of a key role in the decision-making process. As the NPR article puts it, the law “created a toxic political climate and left many educators feeling alienated.”

“I knew that if I stuck around I was going to get bitter, and I was not going to be a good teacher,” Gonzalez says. “But I can’t emphasize enough how, ever since I was a kid, my goal was to be a public school teacher. And that opportunity seemed to be taken away from me.”

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What Are The Main Reasons Teachers Call It Quits?

Enlarge this image For Ross Roberts, it was a lack of resources that drove him from the classroom. For Danielle Painton, it was too much emphasis on testing. For Sergio Gonzalez, it was a nasty political environment. Welcome to the U.S.

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Why are teachers calling it quits?

Sergio Gonzalez didn’t even consider another career until Governor Scott Walker pushed through Act 10, a law that left educators feeling alienated.