Convicted criminal running Milwaukee voucher school: Fox6 Investigators

hickman_academy_300pxFox6 Investigators reported last week that Jeff Montgomery, who has been a vice principal at the publicly funded Hickman Academy private voucher school in Milwaukee since January 2016, was convicted of embezzlement in 2005 and is currently under investigation by the Milwaukee Police Department for allegedly writing bad checks. The Fox6 report continues:

“Montgomery has filed for bankruptcy seven times. He owes the state money for unemployment benefits he shouldn’t have received.  Court records show he owes $80,000 in child support. That kind of background could bar him from obtaining a teaching license and working in a public school. But a voucher school? No problem.”

Fox6 says that in 2009 Hickman Academy was investigated for its ties to drug dealers, who police suspected were using the day care as a front. “As a day care center, Hickman Academy received more than $12 million in taxpayer money. As  a school, it receives about $2 million a year,” it says. Montgomery’s resume shows he’s in charge of developing and monitoring the school’s budget, nearly all of which is taxpayer money.

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Convicted criminal running voucher school in Milwaukee: “I’m good to work in the school”

MILWAUKEE – A year ago, the FOX6 Investigators tried to speak to someone at Hickman Academy, a choice school in Milwaukee. The story was about voucher schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. No one returned our calls or emails, so FOX6’s Meghan Dwyer showed up at the school one afternoon as the buses took children home.