Voters support their neighborhood schools

Voters in communities across Wisconsin supported their neighborhood public schools in Tuesday’s election, casting ballots to increase funding to maintain opportunities for students, attract and keep committed and qualified teachers, and provide safe, modern facilities. The following statement on the outcome of school referendum elections can be attributed to Ron Martin, an Eau Claire social studies teacher and president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council.

“State lawmakers who have gutted funding for their neighborhood public schools should wake up and smell the coffee this morning, given the results of Tuesday’s school referendums. Voters have again supported raising taxes on themselves to be sure their children have opportunities for success. The people we elect to represent us in Madison should keep in mind, as they develop the next state budget, that Wisconsin loves its public schools and we are counting on them to work for us, not against us.”

Regarding the General Election outcome in national and statewide races, Martin said:

“As teachers, we know our students are paying close attention to what happens next. This morning, we will return to our schools and continue to do what we do best – educate children and help them understand the world in which they live. Parents and educators will need to be vigilant in demanding politicians be role models going forward. Democracy is founded upon tolerance and participation, and without that, children have the most to lose from the outcome of this election.”