Upgrades from referendum make major difference for Sauk Prairie agriculture classes

Troy Talford

Troy Talford

Thanks to a successful 2014 school referendum and a grant, ag students, teachers, and a few animals, are a lot happier this year at Sauk Prairie High School.

“The district gave a lot of consideration to my thoughts and ideas, as well as the students,” teacher Troy Talford says in an article in the Sauk Prairie Eagle and wiscnews.com. “I asked the kids what they felt worked and what didn’t work. We shared ideas and thoughts and eventually came to the same place.”

In the article, Talford, who is a member of WEAC Region 5, talks about the many changes – some minor and some major – that have made his job easier but, more importantly, have created a cleaner, more efficient and positive learning environment for students.

The changes include what many might consider simple changes but ones that are very important to the classroom, such as the additions of floor drains and textured floors, sinks, an upgraded fish tank system and a new ventilation system so, as Talford puts it, the rest of the school “doesn’t smell our critters.”

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Ag students benefit from Sauk Prairie High classroom improvements

The agriculture classroom at Sauk Prairie High School has undergone a significant transformation, thanks in part to the ideas of students, staff and money from the district’s 2014 referendum. Many of the changes, especially those that were a priority for teacher Troy Talford, were utilitarian in nature, such as the additions of floor drains and textured floors.