Teacher leadership lessons from Standing Rock


Photo by Earthjustice via Flickr.

Protests over the proposed pipeline construction near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota hold many lessons for educators, writes Iowa teacher Marcia Powell in a blog on teachingquality.org. The key lessons, she writes, include the fact that ordinary people can accomplish important goals when they dream big and work together.

“The people of Standing Rock were not movie stars, or people with money,” Powell writes. “They were ordinary people who wanted to make a difference and protect resources for future generations.  They had a clear, simple message everyone listened and spoke about:  Water is Life.  And there was a spectra of ages in the representative body, from young to old.

“Unity, however, is a powerful thing, and can withstand attempts to weaken public education.  How do we get all those representative voices into our school community regularly, and onboard with a simple message?”

Read Marcia Powell’s blog:

Teacher Leadership Lessons from Standing Rock

Posted by Marcia Powell on Tuesday, 12/06/2016 Sunday, the DAPL project was dealt a blow when the Army Corps of Engineers did not grant the easement necessary to allow the pipeline to continue across sacred grounds. That’s a wonderful start, and got me thinking about teacher leadership and the lessons that could be learned.