Opposition building to ‘guns in schools’ proposal

concealed_carry_guns_300x300pxParents and public school officials are beginning to take a stand locally against a legislator’s plans for allowing guns in schools. About 60 people attended a Whitefish Bay School Board meeting this week to oppose the idea, and several school boards have adopted resolutions opposing the planned legislation.

State Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) has said he will introduce a bill to allow guns in schools. Specifically, the bill initially will allow licensed gun owners to carry weapons on the grounds of private schools (because it is politically “an easier fit” to focus on private schools). However, Kremer said he expects to follow up with similar bills applying to public schools and college campuses.

According to North Shore Now:

The possibility of guns in schools has prompted school boards across the state to speak up. The first in the North Shore suburbs is the Whitefish Bay School Board, which adopted a resolution on December 14 opposing any legislation allowing guns in schools. The Nicolet School Board adopted a similar resolution the following night.

The Shorewood School Board on December 13 agreed to adopt a resolution at its next meeting. The Fox Point-Bayside School Board is expected to approve a resolution on December 20.

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North Shore districts speak out against guns in schools

Whitefish Bay – On the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, more than 60 people came to a Whitefish Bay School Board meeting to oppose possible legislation that would allow guns in schools. No legislation has been formally introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature, but state Rep.