How to take your advocacy to the next level in 2017

It’s never been more important for educators to fill the role of advocates for public education and students, and 2017 can be the year for you to take that important next step.

“Last year, you might have signed online petitions, shared a social media graphic or sent emails to your elected officials,” Education Votes noted in a new article offering ideas for how you can strongly speak up for kids. “This year, think about how you might take your online advocacy to the next step. You might speak at your school board meeting, attend a rally, write a letter to your local newspaper, distribute information door to door, or participate in a phone bank (this often can be done from your home with nothing but your laptop and cell phone).

“The need students have for effective advocates inside and outside school is more pressing than ever. What can you do to increase your advocacy?”

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6 steps to boost your advocacy for students and public schools in 2017 – Education Votes

If you’ve read or seen the news lately – or spoken with your family, friends or co-workers – you know many of us have had our fill of politics. After the name calling, fear mongering and overall ugliness of election 2016, we find ourselves looking for lighter, uplifting fare, tuning out pundits and politicians, and turning inward.