Bill Emery works to ease the stresses on fellow ag teachers

Bill  Emery

Bill Emery

When one of his agriculture teaching colleagues committed suicide five years ago, Baldwin-Woodville ag teacher Bill Emery began a program to help others deal with the pressures of the job.

“Because of his death, I became a bit more vocal in the state wellness, more on the wellness of the mind,” Emery says in an article about him in the New Richmond News.

Emery, who is a member of WEAC Region 1, said the constant pressure to be innovative and to grow their programs can be extremely stressful for ag teachers. “Ag teachers develop monsters of programs,” Emery explained. “The monsters keep growing or you’re not seen as successful.”

The article notes that in addition to being a full-time ag teacher, Emery owns a 43-acre hobby farm and heads up several other student-based activities, including serving as the SCC cross country coach. He also oversees the St. Croix Central trapshooting club and leads several camping trips for the school district each year.

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