20 things you can do now that Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Education Secretary

Never_Give_Up_120pxYes, writes Upworthy columnist Robbie Couch, the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Education Secretary is “a tough pill to swallow” for educators and supporters of public schools. But, he writes, “now more than ever, American kids and schools need our help,” and we can’t give up. Couch provides a list of 20 ways you can turn your anxiety over the future of public education into real action.

“First and foremost,” he writes, “don’t feel hopeless. Let your frustrations fuel your advocacy. Among President Trump’s controversial cabinet appointments, DeVos’ agenda may be the least popular among Americans. The resistance to her plans is alive and well.”

Also on his list:

  • Get involved in the National Education Association. “The focus of NEA — the largest professional employee organization in the country — is to make public education high-quality and accessible to every student. There are many ways for prospective, current, and former public education professionals to join the cause.”
  • Think local. “You know your own community best. What local or regional organizations do the crucial work unique to the problems facing the public schools in your city? Reach out and ask them how you can get involved.”

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