Governor introduces state budget proposal

WEAC conducting analysis to determine impact on students, public schools

Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday laid out his proposal for the 2017-19 state budget. His address to lawmakers marks the starting point for budget discussions in the Legislature.

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Included in the governor’s remarks were his proposal to designate $649 million for public schools. There are still questions about what this would look like in local districts, especially considering the opportunity gap between wealthy and less affluent communities. The way the private school voucher program impacts local schools is also worth exploring.

WEAC is conducting analysis to determine the impact of his proposal on students and public schools, and WEAC will be watching changes as the Legislature takes up the budget. We’re also continuing our work with coalition partners to support budget decisions that benefit our students and public education.

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Scott Walker’s 2017-19 budget boosts funds for education, transportation, workforce

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year budget would funnel money into education, transportation, tax relief and workforce development, funding areas his previous budgets aimed to cut. “Common-sense reforms led to a strong economy and wise fiscal management led us to a positive budget outlook,” Walker said Wednesday, delivering his budget address to the Legislature.