Whitnall School Board says Lowell Holtz may have misused public resources for political purposes

In a letter to parents, the Whitnall School Board says that former Superintendent Lowell Holtz possibly misused district resources for political purposes and that the board will cooperate with any investigation that the Milwaukee County District Attorney may launch. Holtz is challenging State Superintendent Tony Evers in Tuesday’s election.

Last month, One Wisconsin Now released evidence that Holtz used his taxpayer-funded school district email account to draft an email seeking political support.

The School Board’s letter to parents reads, in part:

It has recently come to the attention of the Board that the former Superintendent of the District may have used District resources to engage in political activity during the workday. We believe that the Whitnall school community should be made aware, as it relates to the possible misuse of District resources. A request by another organization to investigate the matter has been submitted to the Milwaukee County District Attorney. The District has also contacted the Milwaukee County District Attorney and will cooperate with any potential investigation.

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Whitnall Schools: DPI candidate Lowell Holtz possibly misused resources

Five days before the election of a new Wisconsin state schools superintendent, the Whitnall School Board has told parents that Lowell Holtz, a candidate in the race, possibly misused district resources for political purposes while he was Whitnall’s superintendent.