2017 WEAC RA delegates approve eight New Business Items

The following New Business Items were approved by delegates to the 2017 WEAC Representative Assembly:

HORTONVILLE: In 1974, while engaged in a bitter strike, 84 members of the Hortonville Education Association, an affiliate of WEAC-Fox Valley/WEAC/NEA, were unjustly fired and unduly replaced by their school district. WEAC condemns the strikebreakers who crossed the picket line in Hortonville. WEAC honors the Hortonville Education Association members who pulled together to improve learning conditions for students and working conditions for educators everywhere. True, they sacrificed their jobs – but they sacrificed much more than that. After their struggle, no one could ever deny collective bargaining is a fundamental right. Let us honor the Hortonville 84 by emulating their resolve. Let us respect the courage of the HEA by “pulling together” and restoring our rights. This policy is to be reviewed annually by the WEAC Representative Assembly.

NEA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The WEAC Board of Directors supports and endorses Shelly Krajacic’s campaign for NEA Executive Committee. The WEAC Board of Directors recommends to the 2017 WEAC RA endorsement of Shelly Krajacic for NEA Executive Committee.

EARLY CAREER EDUCATORS: The Wisconsin Education Association will formally establish an Early Career Educator (ECE) group.  The WEAC should resource the ECE group appropriately and allow the ECE group to create opportunities for leadership and ownership.  One of the charges for the ECE group will be to create an orientation to union education and a culture of organizing.

NEA BOARD ESP DIRECTOR: The WEAC supports and endorses Sequanna Taylor for NEA Board of Directors ESP at-large if and when a seat is available this summer at the NEA RA.

POVERTY: The Wisconsin Education Association Council will place a professional development emphasis upon the topic of rising poverty among Wisconsin’s students.  Possible strategies might include articles in print or online, workshop opportunities, and a recommendation to the WEA Academy for a potential class offering.

SAFE ZONES: The WEAC Representative Assembly encourages its regions and locals to propose or endorse “Schools as Safe Zones” policies protecting our immigrant students. These policies should bar federal immigration officials from entering schools, restrict local school districts from voluntarily sharing confidential information about student or family’s general immigration status and restrict school staff from inquiring about student or family immigration status.

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION: Using existing communications methods, WEAC will provide literature, communications, and workshops, and will stand against all forms of religious discrimination intended to hurt, harm or marginalize our Muslim population that will impede their educational or religious obligation.  WEAC RA will also discourage its officers, staff, and members from participation and involvement in religious hatred and bigotry that causes harm by way of word or behavior in the form of policy, legislation, or rulings.

SOCIAL JUSTICE CONFERENCE: WEAC will support in its literature and communications the Educators’ Network for Social Justice One Day Teaching conference both this year and next. This conference is a day of workshops dedicated to equity and justice in education. This conference will be held on Saturday, April 29th at Indian Community School in Franklin, WI.  Our keynote is educator and activist Patti Loew. Next year TBD.