Legislative Update – June 21

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GOP legislative leaders continue meeting behind closed doors today, and one leader today said they are close to agreement on a K-12 budget proposal.

With the potential nearing of an agreement, there’s a possibility the Joint Finance Committee meeting will meet Thursday with K-12 education on the agenda. With competing school funding plans, they’re looking for agreement on per-pupil funding levels and approaches to low revenue limits, among other things.

The Assembly GOP plan would increase categorical aids per student by $150 in the first year of the budget and another $200 in the second and raise the low revenue adjustment to $9,800 per pupil in 2018-19 from $9,100 under current law. That plan would raise property taxes $92.2 million in 2018-19 as a result, something the governor has said he will not support. The Republican Senate has been talking about its own ideas, so there’s a lot up in the air.


A bill circulating for co-sponsorship would terminate voucher and special needs voucher programs, repeal the achievement gap reduction program and expand the student achievement guarantee program. Racine Education Association President Angelina Cruz and Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Vice President Amy Mizialko took part in a press conference Friday promoting the plan.

Assembly Meets

Bills on the Assembly agenda include:

  • AB-071 Pupil Data Inventory (Legislative Council).
  • AB-072 Pupil Data Security (Legislative Council) Responsibilities of state superintendent related to privacy and security of pupil data.
  • AB-250 Alternative Education Grants (Assembly Education Committee).
  • AB-251 DPI Grant Programs (Assembly Education Committee) Modifying rules related to various grant programs administered by the Department of Instruction.
  • AB-266 Technical Excellence Scholarship Program (Krug, Scott) Eligibility for the Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program.
  • AB-280 Financial Literacy in Schools (Krug, Scott) Incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum of public schools.
  • AB-299 Free Expression in UW System (Kremer, Jesse) Free expression within the University of Wisconsin System, providing an exemption from rule-making procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
  • AB-383 Parental Choice Programs (Kitchens, Joel) Parental choice programs, the Special Needs Scholarship Program, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
  • AB-111 Threat to use Firearm (Doyle, Steve) Threat to use a firearm on school property to injure or kill a person and providing a criminal penalty.

Summer School

A bill to expand the types of online classes offered as summer classes or interim session classes to high school pupils and to pupils in grades 7 and 8 that qualify for state aid, AB 398, was introduced in the Senate and referred to the Senate Commitee on Education.

Administrative Rules
EmR1711. Stakeholder workgroups revisions to licensure, 2:30 pm: Thursday, July 6. GEF 3, 125 S. Webster, Room 041, Madison.

Read about the Democrats’ K-12 education funding budget proposal:

Wisconsin Democrats introduce K-12 education budget proposal

As Republican leaders continue to negotiate Wisconsin’s two-year budget, Democrats on the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee released their own proposal for K-12 education funding on Thursday. Their plan comes just a few weeks after a proposal from Assembly Republicans that focused on assisting school districts that spend less than most others in the state.