Summer Leadership Academy participants urged to ‘be relentless’

“Be relentless; never give up.” That’s what NEA Executive Committee member Earl Wiman told participants this week at the WEAC Summer Leadership Academy, where dozens of members gathered for inspiration and guidance in supporting public education and children.

“Push farther and do more than you’ve ever done before,” Wiman said in a keynote presentation that included extensive audience participation.

Wiman emphasized that educators are the experts at what it takes to help children succeed. “We know these things. Ask us,” he said, “and we will tell you what needs to be done for schools to be successful and for children to be able to do well in school. That’s why our voice is so important and why we must move forward as a collective, because we can’t do it individually.”

It’s important, he said, that every child in America has access to a great public school, no matter their zip code. And union members – especially the leaders attending this conference – are going to continue to play a key role in making sure that happens.

“We need to remember always,” he said, “that it’s about kids. It’s about students, it’s about all of our students, and all of our kids.”

The 2017 WEAC Summer Leadership Academy, at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, also included a parallel JumpStart training session for National Board Certification candidates.

Images from the 2017 WEAC Summer Leadership Academy: