Register now for ESP webinar on the Power of Relationships

Register now for “The Power of Relationships for Education Support Professionals,” an NEA webinar to be presented Thursday, August 31, 2017, from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. CDT.

Webinar description:

Dr. Stephen Sroka

You have the Power of One to start a fire, but you need the Power of Many to keep the fire burning.

If you can’t relate, nothing else really matters. Relationships may be the most important variable in being an effective ESP. The challenges ESP’s must face to build trusting relationships include the four C’s: communication, collaboration, culture and caring. The barriers to education for students include: ACE (adverse childhood experiences), the trauma informed brain, adolescent risk behaviors, including sex, drugs (including marijuana and heroin/opioids), and violence (including bullying and suicide). Effective approaches to facilitate learning include: the whole child/school/community concept, brain-based learning, enhancing motivation, promoting positive mental health, stress-reduction, resilience education, SEL (social emotional learning), positive school climate, and the importance of storytelling (including digital storytelling) and picting (social media sharing visuals). The program is filled with “tips from the trenches” to help you keep whole students and school staff safe and healthy so they can learn more and live better.

Dr. Stephen Sroka has spoken worldwide with The Power of One message, how one person can make a difference. One year ago, Steve died while presenting a school in-service. Two SRO’s, a principal, two school psychologists (one being his daughter) and others saved his life and changed his message. He now talks about The Power of Many, how it takes a team to make a difference. Research-based and reality-driven, this session offers honesty, humor, and hope. It will fire you up professionally and personally.