Now’s a great time to join the free NEA edCommunities!

Have you been looking for a great online community where you can collaborate with colleagues both in Wisconsin and throughout the nation? NEA edCommunities is the place for you! At NEA edCommunities, you can:

  • Collaborate with school and community stakeholders.
  • Join groups on specific education topics and  issues – or start your own. Dozens of groups already exists in categories that include: Professional Practice; Bargaining and Advocacy; Leadership; Organizing; Politics; and Social Justice and Issue Advocacy.  Each category includes multiple groups, such as these examples from the Professional Practices category:
    • K-12 Science
    • K-12 Social Studies
    • Common Core K-5
    • Elementary Math
    • Digital Tools & Learning
    • ESP Hot Issues
    • Retired Educator Issues
    • Work4Me
    • And many, many more.
  • Share and access free, high-quality curricula and mashable resources to use as you wish to create customized learning tools.
  • Expand your professional opportunities with virtual learning events.
  • Improve student learning.

NEA edCommunities is, of course, geared to NEA members, but you actually don’t have to be an NEA member to use it. Although some of the groups are private, many are open to all educators throughout the nation.

What does NEA edCommunities do?

  • Connects all educators to virtual groups by interest topics.
  • Provides a safe means to collaborate with colleagues through discussion and file sharing.
  • Facilitates collaboration – at national, state and local levels.
  • Shares resources and materials helpful to educators and students.
  • Surfaces recommended resources, collaboration groups, and people to follow and get inspired in your professional practice.
  • Provides access to online events, webinars and meetups.

To join NEA edCommunities:

  • Register at Registration is free and open to all educators – just click on the Sign Up link!
  • Complete your profile.
  • Join a group – or create your own group.

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NEA edCommunities is part of a new nationwide Member Portal call MyNEA360, which gives members and prospective members a simple, secure and useful way to engage with the Association – on any device. NEA 360 is being rolled out state by state beginning this summer. We expect it to be operational for WEAC members in late winter/early spring 2018. Watch for announcements. (In the meantime, you can get started by using NEA edCommunities, which is already up and running.)

With NEA 360, members will be able to:

  • Manage your membership data online or, if you’re not yet a member, sign up for membership online, using any device. You will be able to view your financial and membership information at any time.
  • Subscribe to e-newsletters.
  • Access your personal contacts, including colleagues and friends from NEA edCommunities and your association representatives.
  • Submit questions and requests.