Eau Claire students, teacher win School Board victory for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Thanks to three determined students at Northstar Middle School, the Eau Claire Area School Board has unanimously passed a resolution to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and EducationVotes.org has publicized the action nationally.

“From a teacher’s perspective it was really fun to watch the students collaborate, and they were able to give each other ideas,” said Eau Claire Association of Educators and WEAC member Amy Carlson Sather, the student’s seventh grade social sciences teacher. “We were able to talk about language and tone. They knew they would not have the support of everyone, so we talked about how to get the message across in a positive way.”

The students involved in the effort are Miinan White, an eighth grader at Northstar Middle and a member of both the Ojibwe and Ho-Chunk tribes, and her classmates Emma Heck and Cailey Stolt.

“We had been celebrating Columbus Day throughout all my years of school and I knew Ms. CS (Carlson Sather) would help me understand how to change things,” Miinan said. “Native Americans have survived over 100 years of murder and discrimination—my great grandmother was put in a boarding school. I knew of other places that celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day and it would be really cool if we could celebrate in our school.”

Four weeks after the students first met with Carlson Sather, the Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolution was approved unanimously by the School Board, and the next day the city of Eau Claire also passed a resolution. The measure takes effect next school year.

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Defying the odds, student campaign persuades schoolboard to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day – Education Votes

Photo courtesy of the Native American and Indigenous Alliance Thanks to three determined students at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire, WI, the Eau Claire Area School Board unanimously passed a resolution on October 9 to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day, taking effect next school year.

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ECASD passes resolution in favor of observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The Eau Claire Area School Board passes a resolution Monday night in favor of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Three eighth grade students brought up the proposal. The students say this is an exciting time and they want community members to know about the history of Native Americans.