Muslim students much more likely to be bullied than students of other religions

Thanks to Sue Gannet for posting these statistics on the NEA edCommunities Bully Free group. …


  • Muslim students are more than twice as likely to be bullied as their Protestant peers and seven times as likely to be bullied as their Catholic peers. (Vox, 2017)
  •  55 percent of Muslim students surveyed reported experiencing bullying based on their religious identity while at school. (Huffington Post 2016)
  • One in four children are bullied because of their faith (theguardian 2008)
  • One in five Muslim students said they had experienced discrimination by a school staff member. (Huffington Post 2016)
  • 47% who practice their religion, 23% reported being bullied because of their religion or faith. (theguardian 2008)
  • 42 percent of Muslim parents say their kids have been bullied due to their religion. (Vox, 2017)
  • About 23 percent of Jewish parents, 20 percent of Protestant parents, and 6 percent of Catholic parents reported that their kids were bullied at least once in the past year. (Vox, 2017)
  • Americans’ “warmth” survey toward different religious groups- Christians and Jews ranking the highest and atheists and Muslims ranking the lowest. (Pew Research Center survey)
  • Since 2016 election sharp increase in anti-Muslim sentiment. (Vox, 2017)