Wausau EA protects educators against needlessly confusing pay plan

Without collective bargaining, can a Local Association affect positive change when it comes to pay?

Yes, we can.

The Wausau Education Association successfully protected educators against a needlessly confusing pay plan by organizing teachers to talk to school board members about why it would be bad for educators – and their students – in the long run.

The compensation model under consideration elongated the pay schedule, making it more confusing and difficult for teachers to advance, Local President John Masanz explained. “The Wausau Education Association was there to talk to our school board members so they knew this plan would push teachers out of the district and also hurt morale. None of that is good for our students,” he said.

In the end, four out of the five proposals for the model change were abandoned.

“Our school board wants to do what’s best for students,” Masanz said. “But it was up to educators to bring our concerns to them. Nobody else would have done that for us. We had to do it through our union.”

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