Equity and Social Justice Institute 2.0 is March 23 in Stevens Point and March 27 in Madison

The Equity and Social Justice Institute 2.0 will be held at two locations in March: March 23 in Stevens Point and March 27 in Madison. This day-long institute by the Disproportionality Technical Assistance Network (“The Network”) has been designed to provide a deeper understanding for engaging in and sustaining equity work on behalf of students and families.

The Network’s day-long institute focuses on equity and social justice in education and is designed to deepen and sustain learning centered around these critical themes. This institute has been purposefully planned as a follow-up to the original Equity and Social Justice Institutes.

During this institute, participants will explore the meaning of social justice and examine how power and privilege play out in society and, more specifically, in education. Participants will be encouraged to examine the inequities that play out in schools and collaborate to find effective ways to create more equitable institutions that serve all students, putting their action plans into effect. Participants will have an opportunity to explore how implicit bias, color blindness, and microaggressions impact the lives of their students. Facilitators will facilitate a shared discussion about how educators can teach through an equitable multi-leveled system of support while providing examples of that it means to teach for social justice.

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