Legislative Update – March 13 – Rep. Pope introduces Wisconsin Student Safety Package


Wisconsin Representative Sondy Pope Tuesday introduced a package of bills aimed at keeping students and staff safe. The bills reflect the principles for safe schools forwarded by the state Department of Public Instruction in partnership with WEAC last week.

“These bills come at the request of educators, families and students,” Pope said. “They focus on supporting and expanding behavioral and mental health staff, changing school climate and culture and developing safety plans and procedures to enhance learning environment safety.”

The bills, now circulating for co-sponsorship, would allow for more funding for safety improvements, provide state aid for school mental health programs, create grants for violence prevention and reduction, and more. They come on the heels of Assembly Bill 1011/Senate Bill 858, already introduced to help schools afford safety expenditures. Here’s more detail:

  • LRB-5633 Memo School Mental Health Programs: Aid for school mental health programs and making an appropriation.
  • LRB-5634 Memo School Mental Health Grants: School-based mental health services grants and making an appropriation.
  • LRB-5635 Memo Mental Health Training Program: The mental health training support program for school staff and making an appropriation.
  • LRB-5637 Memo Violence Prevention Grants: School violence prevention and reduction grants, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
  • LRB-5640 Memo School Open Records Exemption: Allowing school boards to go into closed session to address school safety plans and exempting school safety plans from open records law.
  • LRB-5648 Memo School Safety Plans: School safety plans and granting rule-making authority.
  • LRB-5655 Memo School Employee Training: Training for school district employees on emergency preparedness and school violence and making an appropriation.