Legislative Update – April 12

Curriculum: What passed and what failed

The Legislature has concluded its work in Madison, leaving a long list of proposals in its wake. To help you sort out what passed, and what didn’t, we’ll be sharing several round-ups over the next couple of weeks. Today’s update concerns curriculum-related policies that got traction or fizzled.


Financial Literacy in Schools. Requires public schools to incorporate financial literacy into the curriculum.

Nutrition Education. Requires a school board to modify its instruction about nutrition to include knowledge of the nutritive value of foods and the role of a nutritious diet in promoting health. Current law requires school boards to provide instruction only about the vitamin content of food and food and health values of dairy products. The new law also requires a nutrition education component be incorporated into the health education credit requirement to receive a high school diploma.


Teen dating violence prevention education. This would have required curriculum to include teen dating violence prevention education.

Sexual abuse prevention education. This would have required curriculum to include sexual abuse prevention education.

Comprehensive firearms instruction. This would have allowed schools to include firearms instruction as an elective course.

Character education. This would have required professional development training in character education for teachers, principals, and school district administrators.

Human trafficking. This would have required Drivers Education courses to include information on spotting signs of human trafficking and how to respond.

For a complete list of bills we watched during the session, and where they ended up, click here.