Legislative Update – May 1

A series of memos was released by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, as requested by a legislative panel studying school funding in Wisconsin. The commission continues to hold public hearings across the state, with the next one set at 1 p.m., Monday, May 7, at the Tomahawk Elementary School Auditorium. See the agenda.

Memo #1. School Finance Data.

Memo #2. School District Equalization Aid Categories.

Memo #3. Special Education Aids and Costs.

Memo #4. School District Boundary Modifications.

Memo #5. Funding for Special Education Economically-Disadvantaged, and English Language Learner Pupils.

Memo #6. Percentage of Special Needs, English Language Learner, and Low-Income Pupils in Each District.

Memo #7. Options to Provide Additional Special Education Funding.

Memo #8. Transportation Costs and Transportation Aid.

Memo #9. General Aid, Tax Levy and Levy Credit Data for School Districts.