WEAC supports mandatory reporting by educators of suspected human trafficking

In a letter to State Superintendent Tony Evers, WEAC President Ron Martin on Thursday said WEAC supports adding “any form of human trafficking” to requirements for mandatory reporting by education employees.

“As we work to combat and eradicate sex trafficking, WEAC believes we should also be working to combat any form of human trafficking,” Martin wrote. “Because of that, WEAC supports requiring education employees to report suspected illegal trade of people for commercial gain – both through sexual exploitation and forced labor.”

“We believe every student deserves a safe, welcoming, and affirming learning environment,” he wrote. “School should be a safe haven for students, especially for those students who lack safety or security. It is important for educators and school officials to understand how human trafficking impacts schools and recognize the indicators of possible child trafficking.”

Martin said WEAC will work to promote the Exploitation Indicator Response Guide as a helpful resource in reporting suspected child sex trafficking to our members. We will also be promoting NEA and national resources on combating human trafficking.

Read the entire letter:

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