WEAC: We must foster hate-free schools and communities

WEAC on Monday condemned a disturbing photo – spread through social media – of some Baraboo High School students giving a Nazi salute last spring during a prom photo shoot off of school premises. WEAC is working with our union leaders and staff in the district.

WEAC President Ron Martin also discussed the situation with NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, and they issued the following joint statement:

“The photo is disgusting and completely contrary to the values and beliefs of our educator-members. Our association fully supports the district’s investigation and intention to take all appropriate responses. The Wisconsin Education Association Council works to give teachers resources so they can foster hate-free schools where all people are respected and celebrated, including racial justice in education, creating safe and welcoming schools and anti-bullying. This shameful situation makes it clear our mission is more important than ever, and we will remain vigilant.”

WEAC reaffirms our absolute insistence that schools be safe and welcoming places free from hate. WEAC and the NEA have many programs and resources to foster hate-free schools:

Black Lives Matter at School
Diversity, Equality and Social Justice Resources
Combatting Islamophobia
Safe and Welcoming Schools for LGBTQ+ Youth
Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Schools
Virtual Book Study on Racial Justice
Take Action on Racial Justice
Combatting Institutional Racism