Lindsey Guenther of Tomah is latest WEAC Badger Red for Public Ed winner!

Lindsey Guenther

Congratulations to Tomah teacher Lindsey Guenther, the latest winner of our WEAC Badger Red for Public Ed promotion! The honor goes to WEAC members in appreciation for their dedication to students. Recipients are treated to a UW Badger athletic event.

Lindsey will get VIP treatment at the November 30 UW Badger hockey game against Penn State at the Kohl Center in Madison.

Lindsey is entering her seventh year of teaching at LaGrange Elementary school in Tomah. She is a fourth grade teacher and works with a variety of students each and every day.

“I became a teacher mainly because I wanted to pay tribute to the efforts of all of my amazing teachers in the past,” Lindsey says. “Growing up, I had several teachers who made things hands-on and exciting. I have a similar approach to how I do things. I make sure I show my compassion for the topic and the relevance to history or everyday life and try to tier learning for my students.”

Lindsey shared the picture below of herself and her students from this past October when they were able to take a self guided tour of the State Capitol and meet their state representative, Nancy VanderMeer.

Lindsey was nominated by parent Nicole Renaud and colleague Kathleen Schoot.

Nicole said: “We had the pleasure of having Lindsey as our 4th grade teacher. My daughter is autistic and that year was a huge transition year for us, and Lindsey consistently went above and beyond to make sure that my daughter was prepared the best possible way for everything. She made social stories, extra directions and prepped alternative things for her when she didn’t have to. She did it all with a smile on her face, even when my daughter would be struggling and having a difficult time. We are thankful for her and the impact she had on us. She made a very difficult transition year bearable, and we can’t thank her enough.”

Kathleen said: “Lindsey is a fantastic teacher! She is SO enthusiastic about learning! She guides students to learning, each in their own individual way. She is loving and sets boundaries that each student is aware of to ensure each child has the right to learn in his/her own way. She adjusts learning material for all sorts of special needs students and just for those who need that little extra reassurance of their potential. She is very positive and happy. Every time you walk past her classroom someone is laughing with excitement!”

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