The election is over. Now the hard part begins.

Winning the governor’s election was the first step. Now the hard work begins. On Thursday, Governor-Elect Tony Evers talked to his partners – including WEAC members – expressing his extreme appreciation for all the hard work you have done in quick fashion. He reminded us that we made some dents in what was going through the Legislature during the lame duck session, and that we have a national audience. The world is watching.

As Governor Walker prepares to take up the bills on his desk, he’s getting a lot of push-back, even from some of his prominent political supporters, but it’s likely that he will act on signing these “poor loser” bills from the Legislature’s lame duck session soon. All three bills have fiscal impact, so Walker could use a veto pen.

Governor-Elect Evers is calling on the people of Wisconsin to keep pressure on the soon-to-be-former governor, asking him to veto the bills on his desk. The governor’s phone line is perpetually busy, but you can use this form to send your feedback his way.

See WEAC’s analysis of the bills on the governor’s desk: