WEAC Legislative Update – Walker signs Lame Duck power grab

Scott Walker has signed the lame-duck power grab special session bills into law.

“Wisconsin voters chose Tony Evers to be our new governor, and believe he should have the same right to govern as afforded to Walker,” said teacher Ron Martin, WEAC President. “Educators will do everything we can to hold accountable the legislators who voted for the series of bills, putting their political ambitions ahead of what the people want. We stand united in our support of Governor-Elect Evers and his new direction for Wisconsin.”

After saying he might veto some of the items – including measures he’s previously vetoed – Walker signed the entire package without a single change. He told reporters the new governor would not see a shift in power, pointing to a graphic that omitted the various powers he had just stripped from Evers.

Evers said Walker “chose to ignore and override the will of the people of Wisconsin.”

Walker signed these bills into law one day after he used the powers he’s taking from the new governor to broker a $28 million Kimberly-Clark incentive package. If he had signed the legislation earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to cut the deal with Kimberly-Clark without permission from lawmakers.

Legal fights are already brewing around limits to the incoming attorney general and limiting early voting.

Here’s what Walker signed into law: