Accreditation group seeks site visitors

The Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) seeks volunteer site visit team members. 

NEEDED:   PreK-12 educators to serve as Site Visit team members.  Applicants needed from all geographic regions, professionally licensed roles, representing racial/ethnic diversity of our students.

  Site Team Members participate along with higher education faculty/state deptartment of educaiton staff in a review of evidence, narratives from teacher prep programs about how they meet high standards for preparing educators.  The review culminates with an on-site visit to conduct interviews, inspect documentation.  Over a 9-month review cycle, a team member will probably need about three days of leave.  Travel expenses are paid by CAEP.  NEA reimburses CAEP so they can also reimburse districts for sub costs of our p-12 members.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Able to read academic text and write concise, evidence-based analysis as part of a team.  Able to collaborate, interview colleagues and others, and speak with accuracy and tact.  Should have experience analyzing data and assessments (e.g. classroom data, standardized scores, etc.), evaluate alignment and appropriateness of improvement strategies.