Report gives Wisconsin’s ‘abysmal’ charter school policies a grade of F

Wisconsin charter school policies are “abysmal” and deserve a grade of F, according to a new report card from the National Education Association.

The report – titled State Charter Laws: NEA Report Card – zeroes in on the weak regulation and lax oversight that enable for-profit organizations to open and manage charters.

The report card’s grading system is based on the four basic tenets of NEA’s charter school policy, issued in 2017:

  1. Charters must be genuinely public schools in every respect.
  2. Charters must be accountable to the public via open and transparent governance.
  3. Charters must be approved, overseen, and evaluated by local school boards.
  4. Charters must be providers of high quality education for their students.

Here is the Wisconsin report card:

Read more from the NEA:

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