Legislative Update: Republican majority signals increases in special education and other school funding

Assembly Republicans are pledging an additional $500 million into PreK-12 education, including increases in special education aid, and Senate Republicans are signaling a similar move.

While the proposal falls short of the $1.4 billion that Gov. Tony Evers proposed for K-12, the increase signals a move toward increased funding to support our public schools when it comes to:

  • More resources for public schools;
  • More supports for our most vulnerable students; and
  • Understanding our school districts need relief under Wisconsin’s broken school funding system.

Final details will be unveiled Thursday when the Joint Finance Committee votes on PreK-12 education. 

The Assembly GOP plan unveiled includes:

  • Raising revenue limits by $200 per student in the first year of the budget and an additional $204 in the second year.
  • $50 million more in funding for special education.
  • An additional $20 million for student mental health.
  • An additional $4.6 million for high-cost transportation.
  • Raising the revenue caps for low-spending districts to $10,000 over the next two years.