Dem bill would allow teachers to be rehired without penalties

A bill introduced by Democrats would allow flexibility for school districts to rehire retired teachers, without punitive measures such as raising the retirement age for educators.

Tell Your Legislators to Give SB 627/ AB 698 a Public Hearing

SB 627 / AB 698 would allow a teacher annuitant who retired from a school district at least 30 days to return to work as a teacher and elect to not become a participating employee for purposes of the Wisconsin Retirement System, and instead continue to receive his or her annuity.

This bill would allow teachers who retire to return to the classroom, bringing their expertise back to students during a time schools are struggling with attracting and keeping educators. It’s not a long-term solution, such as predicable and fair salary structures, but it could help ensure our students have qualified teachers in times of shortage.

The bill, unlike a Republican bill circulating to raise the teacher retirement age, respects teachers by acknowledging the service of educators as increasingly difficult, yet enabling those who wish to retire and return to classroom the opportunity to do so without penalty.