Justin Kamp, Whitewater, is latest WEAC-Badgers Outstanding Educator

Justin Kamp is the latest WEAC-Badgers Outstanding Educator winner. He teaches Kindergarten-5th grade Music at Lakeview Elementary School and 5th grade band at Lakeview, Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools in the Whitewater Unified School District. 

“I teach because I love sharing new skills with students. Every day can be something new and exciting for students to try. It is extremely gratifying to watch a student grow as a musician throughout elementary school, knowing that when they started I gave them the tools and the pieces and they decided to build and hone their skills in music.”

I am a member of the Whitewater Education Association because it is important that we as educators are a united front, speaking together as one voice for our students and staff.

Kamp was a special guest of WEAC and the Badgers at a men’s basketball game.