School buildings won’t reopen this spring

Governor Tony Evers has extended the Wisconsin Safer-at-Home Order to Tuesday, May 26. This means that school buildings will be closed through the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Wisconsin educators heralded the governor’s order to stand firm to protect the safety of Wisconsin residents. 

“The governor’s order will protect Wisconsin lives,” said WEAC President Ron “Duff” Martin. “Pressure from powerful interests to back away from safety hasn’t swayed Governor Evers’ moral compass to do what’s right. He is a courageous leader in difficult times.”

“Nothing is more important than the health of our students, our public health heroes and everyone in our communities,” Martin said.

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WEAC is committed to being a trusted source of information for our members, and will continue to be there as decisions are made to end the school year, address summer school and determine the next steps into the coming academic year. 

Some of the ways WEAC has advocated to benefit our members statewide to this point are:

Our call to close all schools. The governor ordered all schools closed effective March 18, and is seeking an indefinite closure, until it is safe for students and staff to resume instruction.

Halting Educator Effectiveness. There are now three options for educators: Collaboratively, individual teachers, evaluators and principals can decide to complete the process this year; individual teachers can pause the process and continue it next year; or the district can request a waiver to cover all teachers for allowance not to submit educator effectiveness scores for any educator into the system this year.

Stopping standardized testing. WEAC pushed for, and Wisconsin has received, a waiver to stop standardized tests.

Promoting economic justice for students and families. Many initiatives have been implemented to provide food, health care access and more for students, but WEAC continues to advocate for more statewide access to broadband and digital learning equipment, as well as personnel to address the needs of homeless youth.

Adapting requirements for preservice educators. A reasonable pathway has been created to address edTPA requirements and for teacher candidates to complete their student teaching requirement so they can graduate on time, apply for and accept teaching positions in the fall.WEAC will continue to advocate for educators in this difficult times, including for job protections and your safety.

Questions about individual concerns can be directed to your region or submitted via our secure form.