Schools stay closed after Court strikes down order

Republican legislative leaders say they are waiting to hear what Gov. Tony Evers will propose following the state Supreme Court ruling striking down his administration’s second stay-at-home order.

A split Court struck down the order, ruling it should have gone through the Legislature first. While the stay-at-home order was declared unlawful by the court’s majority, Justice Pat Roggensack wrote, without explanation, that schools would remain closed through June. WEAC continues to analyze the ruling and its impact on students, educators and school facilities.

Legislative Republicans filed the suit in April, at which time WEAC signed onto a brief with other partner organizations to reaffirm our support for the order and the efforts of Governor Tony Evers and State Health Secretary Andrea Palm. WEAC believes the administration is within its legal authority and has a right to proceed with orders to keep Wisconsin safe.

“It’s unconscionable that a majority of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices so callously disregards the health and safety of Wisconsin residents,” WEAC President Ron Martin said. “It appears those Justices have forgotten that they are elected, not appointed for a lifetime, to their judgeships.”