Tenia Jenkins Activist Award


Tenia Jenkins Activist Award


The Tenia Jenkins Activist Award is to recognize an individual’s significant contribution to activism among our WEAC members for the benefit of students and members. Read about Tenia Jenkins.

The award is to be given to a WEAC member who has been actively involved in his/her local affiliate, Region, the state and/or national level. He/she should also have been active in his/her local home community.

Eligibility for the award is open to any WEAC member.

  1. The subcommittee shall solicit nominations by February 1st for the Tenia Jenkins Activist Award. In the event that February 1 is not a working day, the next working day shall become the deadline. Nominations may be made by:
    1. Members of Regions and local affiliates through the office of the Region or President of a local.
    2. Members of the WEAC Board of Directors.
    3. Anyone employed by WEAC or its affiliates including professional, associate, management, Region or local staff.
  2. The subcommittee shall present its recommendation to the Board of Directors no later than the February meeting.
  3. A majority vote of the Board of Directors members present and voting constitutes an affirmation of the subcommittee recommendation.

Past Tenia Jenkins Activist Award winners:

2019                      Regina Pagel

2017-18                None

2015-16                Briana Schwabenbauer

2014-15                Gwen Washington, Milwaukee

2013-14                Kim Longdin, Kewaskum

2012-13                Christine Hambuch-Boyle

2010-11                Michelle Mader

2009-10                Teri Hanson

2008-09                Kathy Romsos, Kay Hansen

2007-08                None

2006-07                Suzanne Kahl