New Teacher Handbook

New Teacher Handbook – Table of Contents

What is WEAC?

Section 1: Thriving in Your Classroom

Check It Out…You’re Hired!
Are you ready for the First Day?
Tips for your First Year of Teaching
Your First Day
Phases of First-Year Teaching

Section 2: Managing Your Classroom

Strategies for Classroom Management
SOS! Survival of Substitutes
Meet Your Partners in Education

Section 3: Building Positive Relationships with Parents

Communication is KEY!
Parent Conference Tips
Working with Students with Disabilities

Section 4: Teaching as a Profession

Wisconsin Educator Standards
Professional Development Plan (PDP)
The Quality Educator Interactive (QEI)
Mentors…an Initial Educator’s Best Friend
Professional Development…It’s About You and Your Career
Organize Your Professional Records

Section 5: Doing Business

Be Prepared for That First Evaluation
CRITICAL: Teacher-Student Relationships
What if Someone Lodges a Complaint Against You
What Does Association Membership Mean to You

Section 6: Resources

Letters to Parents