What Does Association Membership Mean to You

Section 5: What Does Association Membership Mean to You?

I will never forget the moment I realized that teaching was not just about me and my students. If we are to succeed as teachers, we need to be involved politically. — Jamie Orth

As you begin your teaching career, one of the actions you will take is joining your Association – the National Education Association, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and your local Association. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

Professional Development. The WEAC provides its members with training sessions on all aspects of instruction on teaching and learning, human and civil rights, political action in communications, negotiations, classroom management, and other areas of concern to educators. Association workshops are consistently high quality and offered at no or low cost to members.

Representation. Whenever decisions about educators are being made, the WEAC is there representing members’ views. The Association represents members in contract negotiations, legislative decisions, and before other decision-making bodies.

Liability Insurance. If you are sued, WEAC’s liability insurance will provide you with an attorney and $1 million in coverage for any judgment against you.

Legal Assistance. The WEAC’s legal advice goes far beyond liability insurance and attorneys. Any time you have a question about your employment rights or benefits, your UniServ staff will be able to answer those questions. UniServ staff will advocate for you with your administration when you have questions or concerns. And, if you need legal assistance, WEAC’s attorneys are the best in the state in employment-related law and school law. It’s all free to WEAC members.

Legislative Action. The WEAC is recognized as the single most effective voice for educators in your district, community, state, and nation.

Networking. Through WEAC.org and NEA Online, you will be connected to other teachers from across the state and nation, who are dealing with the same joys and frustrations you deal with, as well as kept current with legislative decisions affecting public education.

Information. The WEAC is an educator’s best source of accurate, timely information. The Association keeps current with laws, regulations, and policies about education. Information is as close as a toll-free telephone call (1-800-362-8034) or a visit to the WEAC web site (www.weac.org).

Public Relations. The WEAC informs the public about educators’ views and builds educators’ images in the public through advertising and public relations activities.

Publications. All WEAC members receive regular national, state, and local publications with the latest information about education developments.

Opportunities for Involvement. Personal and professional growth opportunities for members are available with the WEAC at the local, state, and national level.

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