Organize Your Professional Records

Section 4: Organize Your Professional Records

Order is heaven’s first law – the first step toward efficiency and peace of mind. — Melvin Clan

Maintaining your own up-to-date personal and professional records is every bit as important as keeping your lesson plans and grade book organized. Having the appropriate documentation on hand can be critical to placement on the salary schedule, clearing up misunderstandings with parents and making sure your evaluation is fair and accurate. Listed below are the documents you should have on hand. Check off each item as you place it in your folder.

  • Your teaching certification(s), degree(s), or license(s).
  • College transcripts or advanced academic credits earned.
  • Your letter of employment.
  • Your individual teaching contract and yearly salary placement.
  • Your collective bargaining agreement.
  • Proof of Association membership.
  • All professional evaluations and your responses or comments.
  • Personal documentation of sick, conference, and personal leaves.
  • Accumulated sick leave and personal days records.
  • Copies of your teaching schedule, assignments, and school calendar.
  • All correspondence to or from the school administration.
  • Records of commendations, awards, and honors.
  • Letters to and from parents.
  • District and school policies.
  • Records of any incidents which may increase your liability, such as student disciplinary problems, accident reports, and others.
  • Annual statements from the Wisconsin Teacher Retirement System.
  • Receipts for teaching materials and expenses paid for with your own money (for your tax records).
  • Names and telephone numbers of local Association officers.

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