Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Section 4: Professional Development Plan (PDP)

When we set a goal, let’s try to enjoy every moment of the trip along the way. — Brian Tracy

Initial Educators are teachers who graduated after August 31, 2004 and must renew their teaching license using the Professional Development Plan (PDP). The PDP serves as the mechanism for renewal of your license. The plan must demonstrate professional growth in two or more of the Wisconsin Teacher Standards and the impact of that growth on student learning. The PDP requires the Initial Educator to:

  • Choose two or more of the standards.
  • Write a goal based on those standards that will impact student learning and professional growth.
  • Write objectives and identify activities to accomplish this goal.
  • Complete a timeline for achieving the objectives/goal.
  • Include evidence of collaboration with colleagues and documentation of completed activities.
  • Create an assessment plan that specifies indicators of growth.

PDP Timeline for the Initial Educators
Year 1: Self-reflection and work with mentor.

Year 2: Submit plan with checklist by October 1 to PDP Team for approval of the goal.

Year 2-4: Document the annual review. If major revisions are made, the educator must submit changes to the PDP Team to be reviewed by April 1 of that year.

Year 5: Submit the complete PDP with documentation to the PDP Team between July 1 and January 15.

Year 5: The PDP Team has until April 1 to verify the PDP. If there are any discrepancies, the Initial Educator has until June 1 to make revisions to their PDP.

Year 5: The completed application with the PDP verification form is sent to the DPI to advance to the Professional Educator license.

Professional Development Team
The PDP Team approves the goal of the Initial Educator and verifies the completion of the PDP. The PDP Team for the Initial Educator is composed of the following:

  • One peer
  • One administrator
  • One institution of higher education representative (IHE)

The Initial Educator convenes the team. All team members must receive training certified by DPI to verify a PDP. The educator selects the peer and the IHE member who has been designated by a Wisconsin institution of higher education. The school district administrator designates the administrator on the team.

The PDP Team is required to approve the goals(s) for the Initial Educator. You are required to annually review your PDP in years two, three, and four of your license cycle. The PDP Team verifies the completion of the PDP at the end of the third year through the end of the fifth year of teaching.

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