The Quality Educator Interactive

Section 4: The Quality Educator Interactive

Online Support for Educator Licensure 
WEAC has joined forces with other well-respected education partners to bring you the most useful and powerful online tool for creating, editing, and sharing your Professional Development Plan.

QEI founding partners are:

  • Association of Wisconsin School Administrators,
  • University of Wisconsin – Extension Outreach and E-Learning Division,
  • The University of Wisconsin System,
  • WEA Professional Development Academy, Inc.,
  • Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators,and the
  • Wisconsin Education Association Council.

The QEI:

  • Is a web-based PI34 and PDP management system
  • Connects educators
  • Provides security and confidentiality
  • Supports educators throughout their careers
  • Connects educators with professional development resources
  • Integrates a range of materials and media
  • Is free to WEAC members

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