Are You Ready for the First Day?

Section 1: Are You Ready for the First Day?

One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have not certainty until you try. — Sophocles

Make it interesting.
Choose assignments and activities that engage students so that learning is enjoyable.

Plan relentlessly. 
Plan for twice as much material as you think you can cover in one day.

Develop a seating chart. 
Use this chart until you get to know students. You can move students around once you know their names.

Develop routines and standards for the day. 
Think about how you will begin and end the day; take attendance, handle discipline, distribute work, and recess.

Give your room some “class.”
Decorate your room to catch the eyes of your students and give them something to think about. Make it homey with pictures of people in your life.

Rules, Rules, Rules. 
Get acquainted with school policies and procedures. Set up a folder to hold official notices, policies, and schedules. Find out what is expected of you in any situation so that you are prepared.

It’s a material world. 
Make sure you have all the materials you need to get school off to a smooth start – supplies, forms, passes, and so on. If you are a traveling teacher and sharing a room with another teacher, reach an agreement on how to accommodate each other’s needs.

Take a deep breath. 
Be at the door when the students arrive. Have your name written on the board. Establish your classroom routine and make the first day of school a success.

Finally, keep these three goals of good teaching in mind: 
Be flexible, be patient, and keep your sense of humor.

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